Alfred & Compagnie supports Planète Urgence

Alfred et Compagnie supports the actions of Planète Urgence and participates in its Environment & Development program which contributes to reforestation efforts.

Planète Urgence

Planète Urgence is a non-profit association recognized as being of public utility, whose field of action is international solidarity and environmental protection. Its objective is to work so that everyone can live in a preserved environment.

The Environment & Development program

Planète Urgence supports the projects of its "Environment and Development" program, on reforestation, for the common and sustainable management of natural resources..

Each project supported through this operation has a triple objective: to restore the environment, to support local economic development and to raise awareness about environmental protection. In particular, it supports reforestation projects in 3 countries: Indonesia, Madagascar and Cameroon.

Our commitment

We are committed to strengthening our social commitment by acting for a more sustainable and united planet.

We have decided to get involved in the actions of Planète Urgence, which shares the same values: commitment, ethics and equity.

Our partnership is part of a reforestation mission. We are financing the project to replant 5,000 trees. By doing so, we are protecting the forests and the endangered biodiversity.

Please consult their website Planète Urgence to discover all their actions.