Thanks to this service, you can purchase your children's furniture today while controlling your budget.

This offer is reserved for individuals (adults) residing in France and holding a Visa or MasterCard with a validity date superior to the duration of the chosen financing option. Cards with systematic authorization such as Electron, Maestro, Nickel, etc., as well as e-cards, Indigo and American Express cards are not accepted.

The payment in 3 or 4 instalments by credit card allows you to pay the order made on our merchant site in the following way - a mandatory deposit, debited on the day of the confirmation of your order corresponding to one third or one quarter of the order, to which are added fees corresponding to 1.45% of the total amount of the order for a 3 times and 2.2% for a 4 times (within the limit of 15€ maximum for a 3 times payment and 30€ maximum for a 4 times) ; - two or three monthly payments, each corresponding to a third or a quarter of the order, taken at 30 and 60 days after for the 3 instalments payment and at 30, 60 and 90 days after for the 4 instalments payment.

Payment in 3 instalments from 100€ up to 3000€ Example: For a purchase of 150€, contribution of 52,18€ then 2 monthly payments of 50€. Credit for a period of 2 months at a fixed APR of 19.31%. Cost of financing: €2.18 up to a maximum of €15. Payment in 4 instalments from a purchase of €100 up to €3000Example: For a purchase of €400, deposit of €108.80 then 3 monthly payments of €100. Credit over 3 months at a fixed APR of 19.61%. Cost of financing: 8.80€ with a maximum of 30€.