At Alfred & Compagnie, no fluorescent and soulless plastic furniture. No. The vast majority of our furniture is eco-designed, made of wood from eco-managed forests and protected by water-based paints, which are much more natural and non-toxic. In short, we offer quality furniture so that our children may grow up in natural, healthy and rather nice children's rooms.... We have set up a signage in the form of simple and clear logos, which will allow you to identify the ecological characteristics of each of our products

Alfred… & Compagnie ?

Because Alfred is not alone.
This wonderful adventure would never have been possible without our loyal team: passionate furniture manufacturers that we enjoyed visiting and selecting, in order to offer you a quality service, and durable products.
Passionate about their job and their product, lovers of work well done, Gyro Gearlooses of children's furniture... with inventions that are so much more fun and practical !

The vast majority of our products are thus created in France or in Europe. In addition, this geographical proximity also allows us to limit carbon emissions !