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Sleeping being the most important activity in baby's life, Alfred et Compagnie's furniture has been specially designed to offer maximum comfort in the baby's room, essential for a restful sleep. Able to support your child throughout their growth, our furniture is also robust, design and ecological. Offer your baby a cosy, warm and environmentally friendly nursery in all simplicity by discovering our selection of evolving or simple baby cots.

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Baby bed: offer optimal comfort to your baby In a baby room, the baby cot remains the most important piece of furniture! In addition to offering you a sturdy, comfortable and secure bed thanks to thick bars, Alfred & Compagnie offers you design and ecological beds in solid wood or ecological MDF with a quality bed base. Because your baby spends a large part of their days sleeping, the choice of their bed and mattress is essential. To ensure optimal comfort and restorative nights, accompany them from birth with a sturdy, stylish and above all, very comfortable baby cot! Alfred et Compagnie offers you many possibilities among a wide range of baby cots sold with their bed base. You can choose the classic baby cot that will be able to accompany your child until they are 3 years old or opt for an evolving bed. Offer your baby a real design and warm cocoon in which they will flourish throughout their growth. In addition, Alfred & Compagnie's baby cots are environmentally friendly! You can also find our thick and soft mattresses so that your baby can have a good night's sleep. Rounded, geometric, neutral or vibrant colours, there will be something for every taste and style! How to choose a baby bed? The choice of a baby cot is essential to help your baby get a good night's rest and to adapt to this new world after birth. To offer them the best comfort, you must reproduce the confinement that the child experienced during 9 months of pregnancy by offering them a firm and cozy environment. You can try this by swaddling your baby. When it comes to a baby cot, it is important to know that there is not an ideal baby cot but a bed that is adapted to your life and your baby. The cradle is an ephemeral purchase since it lasts between 4 and 6 months. It has the advantage of being very small and therefore offers a very contained environment ideal for creating a small cocoon for your child. The cradle also has the advantage of being able to be positioned next to your bed and therefore allows you to stay close to the baby when breastfeeding. For safety, you never put a cradle on a table or a sofa. The baby cot you need is a 60x120cm baby cot. This type of baby cot is safe and meets the NF early childhood standard which ensures that the spacing of the bars is small enough to prevent baby's head from passing through them. This baby cot sometimes has several positions relative to the height of the bed base. In the high position, the bed base is ideal for infants. As soon as the baby can sit up, move them to the sitting position to prevent the baby from tipping over. For maximum safety, be careful not to put anything other than the baby and their sleeping bag in their bed. Avoid as much as possible all cushion and piles of blankets and cuddly toys. Also, be careful to choose a firm mattress, the right size, and a fitted sheet adapted to the size of the latter. Finally, the folding crib, or travel bed, should only be used as an extra bed. This type of bed is very flexible and does not meet the baby's long-term comfort needs. The folding crib will be chosen mainly for its mobility. It must be compact, lightweight and easy to transport and assemble. How to decorate a baby bed? If you want to decorate your baby's cot a little, be careful not to overdo it. Some newborns are very easily stimulated and it will be very difficult to find a good sleeping schedule if the bed shines like a tuned car. A small bed veil to protect him from mosquitoes, a mobile suspended above his head, and no more. Avoid elements that are too colourful and stimulating, think simple and soft! Similarly, avoid cushions, blankets and plaids in their baby cot. They and their baby sleeping bag are all you need in a bed for them to have a good night's sleep. Baby bed: find the right one for your child! Choose from our range of baby cots! A wide range of modern and contemporary baby cots! to transform your baby's room into a healthy and safe environment. For a bed that accompanies your toddler from an early age, choose the evolving baby cots. Because children grow up far too fast, the beds adapt to your baby's growth. At first, it looks like a simple baby cot with bars and then turns into an actual kids bed! For a practical and clever purchase, add a storage drawer to your baby cot to save space. Perfect for storing baby toys, baby clothes and other accessories necessary for everyday life! In addition, all our baby bed drawers are under guarantee for 1 year, mostly in eco-friendly panels or solid wood and finished with a water-based paint to respect baby's health. When to change beds? There is no ideal age to switch from a baby cot to a kids bed. To find an answer to this question, you must first of all observe your baby and their development. As soon as your baby starts walking or standing, they will try to step over the sides of the bed. At that moment, you have to raise the alert and think about getting a toddler bed. If you absolutely want a reference age, you can start from an average of 18 to 24 months. The transition from a baby cot to a kids bed must be done gradually to maintain the cocoon effect of a cosy and comfortable baby cot. Do not switch directly to a 190/200 bed but opt for a 140cm long bed. If you do not want to change beds constantly, the ideal solution is to choose an extendable bed, very economical and practical, which will grow with your child from a 140 to a 170 bed and end with a 190/200 cm bed depending on the model chosen.