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The ideal baby room A baby room is a room that needs to breathe! Focus on clarity and space so that your child can wake up in the best possible conditions. For an ideal baby room, there are several things to consider: The color of the room. The latter must favour relaxation and sleep. Choose pastel colours such as pink, blue, yellow, aqua or taupe. Avoid overly aggressive colours such as red. Water-based paints are recommended for your walls and furniture. These paints ensure a low level of solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and will provide your baby with a healthier environment to rest in. Then, for the floor covering, it is better to choose a natural linoleum or parquet floor that does not keep dust and is easily washable rather than carpet or thick rugs that can be a mite nest and therefore cause allergies. The kids room is designed to be bright and airy to give baby some nice space! So, focus on the bare essentials of furniture: a baby cot, dresser, changing table, baby wardrobe, a rug and that's all. Which baby cot to choose? The bed is an essential part of the kids room. During their first months, until they are about 3 months old, they will spend most of their time there. Choose an extremely comfortable bed to give them a restful sleep. You can choose between two baby cots. The classic baby cot that will accompany your child up to the age of 3 or the evolving baby cot designed to accompany your child throughout their growth. The classic baby cot should be installed on a stable surface, away from radiators or curtains to prevent baby from burning their fingers or pulling on the curtains. The baby cot has strong bars and a height-adjustable base. The height of the sides must be 60 cm to ensure baby's safety. The baby cot may be suitable for your child until the age of 3, although some babies begin to feel cramped from 18 months. To avoid changing beds when Baby turns 3 years old, you can find the evolving baby cot. This bed allows you to have a baby cot until your child is 3 years old that you can then transform into a 90x190 bed! Practical! The baby cot is an essential part of the kids room! To create a real cocoon in which they will flourish, you can also find our furniture, accessories and cuddly toys for nights full of sweetness and reverie.