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Children's mattress : Sleep is important

A bed without a mattress in a children's room is of no interest. Here you will find baby mattresses, children's mattresses, teenage mattresses, mattresses for a pull-out bed to invite friends to your teenage bedroom and mattresses for a cot for your child's bedroom.


Mattress 90x140x12

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Mattress 90x140x12

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Mattresses and bed bases: Sleep is important Good sleep is essential for your child's development and health. That's why Alfred & Compagnie does everything in its power to design mattresses and bed bases that will best accompany your child in Morpheus' arms and guarantee them a full night's sleep and energy the next day! Mattresses and bed bases: The right mattress for your child Foam for comfort, bamboo for allergies, latex for elasticity and flexibility, because each child is unique, we offer a wide choice of mattresses and bed bases for babies, children and teenagers.