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Futon mattress: a Japanese atmosphere

The futon mattress can be used as an extra bed in the child's bedroom to welcome friends, or as the main bed in the parents' bedroom.

It can be used on the floor in a Montessori spirit, or on a child's bed.

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What is a futon mattress?

The futon mattress is a traditional Japanese mattress made of several layers of cotton. It is a pleasant and aesthetic alternative to "mattresses thrown on the floor" and is particularly appreciated for its minimalism and its benefits for the back.

Traditionally, it is no more than 10 cm thick, but it has developed to meet western comfort standards. This is why it is now available in higher heights: from 12 to 16 cm.
Is it good to sleep on a futon?

Yes, sleeping on a futon is good, especially for your back. Placed on the floor or on a low bed, the futon mattress, thanks to its firmness, provides perfect support for the spine. During the night, the spine is kept straight, relieving back pain.
The futon mattress for a child's bedroom

The futon is an essential part of a Montessori bedroom. Low and placed on the floor, your child will be able to get in and out of bed easily to explore his environment in complete safety.

Furthermore, if your child's room is small, you can fold the futon mattress during the day to make it look like a small sofa. This will create a play and relaxation area that is ideal for your child's development.
Why sleep on a futon mattress?

The futon mattress is recommended for those who like a firm bed. This type of mattress provides good comfort: it supports the back, adapts to your body and prevents the spine from being bent. As mentioned earlier, the Japanese futon is ideal for relieving back pain.

The futon mattress can be used as an extra bed as well as a main bed. Very practical, this mattress can be folded and stored easily in a cupboard. Perfect for small spaces, the futon is a space-saving mattress!

Beyond its practical aspects, the futon also has an aesthetic that does not leave anyone indifferent. Its Japanese look allows you to create a Zen atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. You can use it to furnish a room according to the recommendations of feng shui.
The futon mattress by Alfred & Cie

The Alfred & Compagnie futon mattress is handmade in France. The ticking is made of 100% cotton, Oeko-Tex certified, and therefore without chemicals or harmful to health.

For your comfort and that of your children, Alfred & Cie offers futon mattresses of 14 cm thickness in 3 different sizes:

    90x200 cm for a single bed,
    140x200 cm for one or two people,
    160x200 cm for two people.

In keeping with Japanese inspiration, Alfred & Cie offers futons with an ecru cotton cover, a sober, elegant and natural colour that is perfect for creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

This futon mattress guarantees a very pleasant sleep thanks to the combination of latex and cotton. Indeed, latex allows an excellent elasticity, while keeping a firm bed. Cotton is a natural thermal regulator which provides a good comfort whatever the season.
How to maintain your futon?

To maintain the comfort of your futon mattress, remember to turn it over at least once a month to prevent the fibres from settling. Also air your bedroom and your child's room every day to promote air renewal and humidity regulation.

In case of stains, clean your futon with natural products. Water, vinegar and baking soda are perfect for a natural and gentle cleaning of your Japanese mattress.