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Let's go for another world with the teen room. Your teen enters the big league with a real teen bed, a teen wardrobe and their teen desk. To invite friends to sleep over, don't hesitate to choose a pull-out bed. A whole design and ecological teenage room to accompany the transition to adulthood.

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Adolescence is the period when your child gradually becomes an adult and their need for independence develops. Create a personalized room that suits them. A teen's room is a very important place where they can open up to the world, invite friends, study, but also experience a thousand adventures. To help them through this transition phase, Alfred & Compagnie offers you quality and ecological furniture to offer them the most beautiful room for a dream teenager. How to decorate a teenage room? In the midst of the transition to adulthood, there comes a time when you need to redesign your teen's room. The pastel and soft colors of childhood must disappear to be replaced by their favorite color. First step in decorating a teen room: painting. For boys, the trend is towards a very masculine industrial style with colours such as black and white, duck blue and chocolate. For girls, glamorous colours are often used with touches of red, pink and black. A soft and bohemian atmosphere can also be pleasing with shades of beige, white and a little powder pink. To avoid an overflow of colour, prefer a neutral room, white for example with a single wall of bright colours. > For furniture, the tenn room is often much more sober than a kids room. White, black, grey and wood, these 4 colours perfectly summarize the desires of the moment. To personalize the space according to their personality, play with decorative objects a lot. They will bring style to the room and are easier to change than a wall color, if your teen gets tired of them. For girls, light bulbs and garlands are very popular, while for boys, the industrial, rock and vintage style is the most popular. Leather pouffe, metal shelf, dark and aged wood, the industrial style desk lamp. Also think of wall decorations: paintings, frames, reminders, mirrors, etc. The decoration of walls is not only done by painting. How to arrange a teen room? Your teen's room must have several spaces. The most important thing, especially when they are growing, will be the sleeping space. For this, nothing beats a large 90x200 teen bed with a slatted bed base, a natural latex mattress and organic cotton bed linen. To prepare their high school exams and work in a suitable space, remember to provide a large desk with plenty of storage space. If they prefer a simple table on trestles, consider wall shelves and other perforated panels that are super practical and adaptable at will. And finally, storage, storage and storage again! Between their clothes, their bed linen, their sport, dance, music or artistic creation belongings, you'll need space. It is therefore important to think about organization and tips! A two or three door wardrobe with a hanging rod and a shelf for clothes, a dresser for small linen and sheets. To optimize floor space, also consider the bed drawer, a clever and discreet storage that slides under the bed base and disappears completely. In conclusion, it is especially the tastes of your child that you should listen to when decorating your room. Of course, by moderating their desires and making compromises with them. Which teen bed to choose? Your child is going through a thousand things in one day! They therefore need a space to rest and recover. The choice of bed is therefore very important. There are several options available to you. First of all, you have the classic 90x190 cm bed or 90x200 cm bed. The size is ideal to adapt to your child's growth as they grows taller, sometimes much taller, and give them enough space to spend quality nights. To optimize the space in the small rooms play with the ceiling height! The high bed is very practical to save floor space as you can arrange a desk, a small relaxation area or a dressing room under the bed base. The high bed is also a smart option if you have a minimum ceiling height of 60cm higher than the bed height. If you have more space at your disposal, the sofa bed is also an excellent alternative. It can be used as a bed but also as a sofa when you receive! These beds have a drawer where your teenager can store all their belongings; a drawer that can also be converted into a second bed, very practical! Of course, the classic 90x200 beds are a must-have and will allow your child to sleep peacefully and comfortably! The teen room as seen by Alfred & Compagnie To support your teenager's growth, Alfred & Compagnie makes it a point of honour to choose quality materials for the design of its furniture. Solid wood from eco-managed forests, MDF of eco-friendly, water-based paint to avoid solvent emissions. Everything is designed for an ecological room, respectful of the environment and above all adapted to the health of your children from their first day until adulthood.