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Raised bed: your child is getting higher!

You want to buy a raised bed, but you don't know which one to choose? Half-height bed, mezzanine bed, bunk bed, Alfred & Cie offers you a wide range of children's beds that will make your little ones happy, while optimising the space in their bedroom.

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What is a raised bed?

A raised bed is a generic term for all beds that are higher than 90 cm. As a general rule, this type of bed is between 1m and 1.8m high and makes it possible to optimise floor space by using the underside of the bed.
What age should a raised bed be?

Regardless of the raised bed you choose for your child, the minimum recommended age is 6 years. This is because from this age onwards, the child's motor skills allow him or her to climb up and down the ladder without the risk of losing balance or falling.
The different types of raised beds

As previously stated, the raised bed refers to a whole family of beds with a height of over 90 cm. These include

    the half-height bed,
    the mezzanine bed,
    the bunk bed,
    the 3-seater bunk bed.

The half-height bed

The half-height bed is the lowest model of the raised bed family. It has a height varying from 100 to 130 cm and requires a minimum ceiling height of 2 metres to allow your child to move around easily once in bed. Ideal for children from 6 years old, it allows you to use the underside of the bed to create a real play or learning area. If you are short of space, the space available under the bed can be used as storage space.
The mezzanine bed

The loft bed is higher and can reach a height of 190 cm and more. To install it and take full advantage of it, it is recommended to have a ceiling height of more than 2m40. This raised bed is ideal for children from 10 years old, as it allows the installation of a large desk ideal for doing homework. The area under the bed base can also be used to create a storage space or a small living room which teenagers will appreciate.
The bunk bed

The bunk bed offers fewer options than its cousin the loft bed. Choosing this type of bed is often done with one objective in mind: to benefit from two beds in a small space with a high ceiling. The bunk bed is an incredible space saver if your children have to share their room.

3-seater bunk bed

Finally, the 3-seater bunk bed has, as the name suggests, 3 places. These can be divided in several ways with :

    3 single beds positioned one above the other,
    2 beds, one for two people at the bottom and one for one person at the top.

As with a classic bunk bed, this type of raised bed requires a minimum ceiling height of 240 cm and occupies on average only 2.5m2 of floor space for the 3-bed version. It is therefore the ideal bed for a large family living in a small space.
Raised bed: choose your height!

Does your child want a high bed to play acrobats, and the configuration of the room does not allow for a bed that is too high? Then choose the half-height bed! The advantage? Your child can use the space available under the bed to play.

However, if you have a high ceiling, you can install a mezzanine bed for your child. The space underneath the bed can be used to create a nice desk area.

And when two or even three children share the same room, the simplest solution is to opt for a bunk bed or a 3-seater bunk bed. This will give you extra space for other furniture.

Alfred & CIe's raised beds

Alfred et Compagnie offers various raised beds: half-height beds, mezzanine beds, double and triple bunk beds. These are made in France and in Europe from wood from eco-managed forests, or from ecological MDF panels.

For the health of your children, and for the planet, the paints used are water-based to limit VOC emissions.

Everything is designed so that your child can enjoy a healthy bedroom where he or she can spend sweet nights dreaming...

If you wish to complete the bed, with a safety barrier or a bed drawer, discover our children's bed accessories.