Discover our children's bedroom decoration

A cosy, colourful, warm atmosphere: discover our selection of carpets and decorations to pep up your children's room. Start by pampering your child's toes by choosing a soft rug and finish off the room decoration with fun and playful decoration objects, adapted to the baby's room!

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Children's bedroom decoration : decorate your children's room

Ideal for pampering your child's toes, Alfred & Compagnie carpets can be used to cover the floor of your bedroom and provide a comfortable playground for your child or baby. As we know that you have a special need, Alfred & Compagnie has prepared for you a selection of rugs for all tastes: discover design, graphic, colourful and fun rugs.

Children's bedroom decoration : essential items for a pretty room

Do you want to make your room a real cosy nest where your child will feel comfortable? Give it some pep with fun and playful decorating objectives that will delight your child. To dress up your walls, you have a wide choice of decorations: wall stickers, kakemonos or frames. Find the decoration to your taste.