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Children's tepee: adventure at home

Opt for the children's tepee, the trendy and fun bed! With a teepee bed in the nursery, your toddler will have a bed where he can have sweet dreams and create a theme playground!

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What is a tepee?

A teepee is a cone-shaped tent historically used as a hunting shelter before becoming a traditional North American Indian habitat. This dwelling has survived through the ages, has been modernized and can be found today in our little ones' bedrooms. A true decorative object, the children's tepee provides a themed play area for their enjoyment.

The children's tepee can be used as a real playground, but also as furniture for children's bedrooms in the form of a tepee bed, a bed combining a hut bed and the Montessori principle.

Why choose a tepee bed for your child?

The tepee bed is the best choice for your child, especially if he or she does not have a large bedroom. An ideal night space to rest, but also a place to play to develop their imagination, the child's tepee bed allows rest and adventure. This type of bed generally has a low structure that makes it easier for the child to get in and out of bed and thus promotes independence.

Some children's tepees are even directly inspired by the Montessori method and have a low bed base.
Which is the right bed for a hut or children's tepee?

The hut bed and the tepee bed will delight the children who sleep in them every night... Your toddlers, whether boys or girls, can even create a playground for themselves from their cosy nest. If your heart, and your child's heart, swings between the two, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

The hut bed is perfect for modern-day adventurers who love to climb up trees. A real little house, this type of bed usually has a closed structure. Therefore, this type of bed is especially suitable for large, bright spaces where they do not take up the entire floor space and allows good circulation.

The tepee bed is a dream come true for future Indians and cowboys from the Wild West who prefer to have their feet on the ground. In contrast to the hut bed, the child's tepee, when it takes the form of a bed, has a more airy and much lighter structure that allows natural light to pass through.

This makes the children's tipi suitable for a large room, but also for smaller rooms.
How to decorate a tepee bed?

Thanks to its minimalist structure, the children's tepee can be the perfect receptacle for your decorating ideas. The AGDA children's tepee is a perfect example of the many possibilities for decorating a tepee bed. For example, you can hang a garland of lights or pennants on it. To create a world of sleep and privacy, you can also hang a bed canopy above it, or cover it with a beautiful, playful and colourful cotton fabric.
The Alfred & Cie children's tepee

Discover our selection of tipis to make your little ones dream! Whether you're looking for a tepee bed for your child to sleep in, or simply a pretty tepee to decorate your child's room, Alfred & Cie has what you need!

To make it cosy and cocooning, add a carpet, some cushions and a light garland to your child's tepee.