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160x200 pocket-spring mattress: comfort first and foremost

Discover the 160x200 pocket spring mattress from Alfred & Cie. Enjoy optimum comfort and quality sleep. Discover all our mattresses.

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The 160x200 pocket-spring mattress, designed for all body shapes and sizes.

The 160x200 pocket-spring mattress is suitable for all body shapes and sizes, and favours an optimal distribution of body pressure. That is why Alfred & Cie offers you its selection of spring mattresses.

We strongly recommend this type of mattress for overweight people. Indeed, even under high weights, the springs do not lose their elasticity. In addition, heavier people who choose a pocket-spring mattress will find it easier to turn over and get out of bed than if they choose a foam mattress.

At Alfred et Compagnie you will find the right 40 kg/m3 spring mattress for you. This is the ideal density if you have a heavy body.

How to choose your 160x200 pocket spring mattress?

The choice of a 160x200 cm mattress should always be made in relation to the first feeling we have when we lie on it, this is what we call the quality of reception. It is very important, which is why we must pay attention to the quantity of filling, the density, as well as the size of the mattress, in order to maximise comfort.

We advise you to choose a pocket-spring mattress that combines both technologies: springs and foam. You will then get the firm support you need to support your spine while remaining comfortable.