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Discover our pocket spring mattresses 140x200

140x200 pocket-spring mattress: comfort first and foremost

Discover the 140x200 pocket-spring mattress by Alfred & Cie. Enjoy optimum comfort and quality sleep. Discover all our mattresses.

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The 140x200 pocket-spring mattress: optimal comfort

The main, immediately perceptible quality of the 140x200 pocket spring mattress is that it allows air to circulate unimpeded and promotes unrivalled ventilation. Especially for people who tend to sweat at night, this type of mattress is particularly recommended.

The 140x200 pocket-spring mattress also promotes an optimal distribution of body pressure on the mattress and thus improves blood circulation and offers optimal body support. Changes in position become less frequent and sleep, which is less restless, is improved as a result.

Finally, we recommend this type of mattress to overweight people, as it makes it easier for them to turn over, but also to get out of bed.

The 140x200 pocket-spring mattress: a durable choice

The pocket spring mattress has a very good life span. This type of mattress not only has a non-deformable spring, but also has perfect ventilation, which makes it very durable.

In fact, the springs of this mattress do not lose their elasticity over time, and the ventilation that ensures excellent hygiene makes it a durable product that will retain its comfort even when subjected to high weights. Find the mattress you need on Alfred & Cie.