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140x190 pocket-spring mattress: comfort first and foremost

Discover the 140x190 pocket-spring mattress by Alfred & Cie. Enjoy optimum comfort and quality sleep. Discover all our mattresses.

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The 140x190 pocket-spring mattress: a great welcome

When choosing a pocket-spring mattress, you should first pay attention to the quality of the welcome, i.e. your first feeling when you lie on it. It is important to pay attention to the quantity of filling, the density, but also the size of the mattress, in order to maximise comfort.

For optimum comfort, choose a density of at least 25 kg/m. We recommend that overweight people choose a mattress with a higher density, with a minimum density of 40 kg/m.

Finally, the mattress should be 15 to 20 cm larger than the adults sleeping on it.

How many springs for the 140x190 pocket-spring mattress?

Overall, the more pocket springs your mattress has, the more comfortable and durable it will be.

To be considered good quality, a standard 140x190 mattress must have a minimum of 600 to 700 pocket springs. If your mattress is smaller or larger, you only have to adjust this figure proportionally according to the size of the bed.

Note that the more pocket springs a mattress has, the greater its sleeping independence, body support and ventilation will be.