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Pocket spring mattress 90x200: The best choice for your teen

Discover Alfred & Cie's selection of 90x200 pocket spring mattresses. Your little ones will enjoy a better quality of sleep! To protect your mattress from possible leaks, use a mattress protector.

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The 90x200 pocket spring mattresses by Alfred et Compagnie

Alfred et Compagnie offers you two 90x200 cm pocket spring mattresses with two different heights: 17 and 24 cm. Both have unequally firm comfort and superb ventilation. Moreover, they are easily transportable thanks to their four horizontal handles.

The 17cm author mattress has one small advantage: its removable zip on both sides of the mattress.

These mattresses have the advantage of being durable over time. By choosing a spring mattress for your child from an early age, he or she will be able to accompany your child for many years, right up to adolescence!

The 90x200 pocket-spring mattress: better ventilation

Pocket-spring mattresses are particularly recommended for children who perspire while they sleep.

This is because the arrangement of the springs in the pocket-spring mattress allows excellent air circulation between them. This ensures that the mattress is hygienic and ventilation is optimised. It should be noted that the more pocket springs the mattress has, the higher its ventilation will be.

These mattresses will provide good comfort for your children, as well as more peaceful, less restless nights... Parents will be delighted, and will be able to sleep a few more hours!