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Pocket spring mattress 90x190: The best choice for your child

Discover Alfred & Cie's selection of 90x190 pocket spring mattresses. Your little ones will enjoy a better quality of sleep! To protect your mattress from possible leaks, use a mattress protector.

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The 90x190 pocket-spring mattress for a less restless night's sleep

When you buy a pocket spring mattress, you're making the choice of unbeatable comfort and a bed that will last over time!

This type of mattress is suitable for all children, even the most boisterous! Indeed, the pocket spring mattress promises your children a sleep with few disturbances.

Changes in position are less frequent thanks to an optimal distribution of body pressure on the mattress and the maintenance of the alignment of the spine. Not only sleep, but also blood circulation is improved.

Which mattress for a 90x190 bed?

For a 90x190 bed, you can choose a 90x190 pocket-spring mattress that is suitable for children's beds. To be sure to buy a suitable piece of furniture for your child, the mattress must be at least 15 to 20 cm larger than the child sleeping in it.

Then, it is important to know that this type of mattress is not suitable for half height, mezzanine and bunk beds, as their height does not guarantee a sufficient dimension between the mattress and the barrier, which is necessary for the child's safety. However, it adapts very well to low beds that have a single bed frame.