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Pocket-spring mattresses: the choice of longevity

Alfred et Compagnie offers you a selection of pocket spring mattresses for the whole family: children, teenagers and parents. With this bedding, make the choice of comfort for everyone. To protect it and prolong its life, add a draw sheet.

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What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket-spring mattress promises greater comfort than other mattresses and a less restless night's sleep. By opting for this type of mattress, you are choosing a bedding that lasts over time. We particularly recommend it for people who are overweight and sweat while they sleep.

The pocket-spring mattress promises a good night's sleep with a minimum of disturbance. This is because this type of mattress allows for better maintenance of the alignment of the spine and the distribution of body pressure. As a result, blood circulation is improved, which significantly reduces the need to change position during sleep.

The arrangement of the springs in the pocket spring mattress allows excellent air circulation between them. Ventilation is then optimal and provides maximum comfort, especially for people who perspire at night.

The pocket-spring mattress has a very good lifespan. This type of mattress has a non-deformable spring structure and perfect ventilation, which makes it very durable.

This type of mattress is strongly recommended for overweight people, as it will be easier for them to get in and out of bed. Choose a mattress with a minimum weight of 40kg/m3 if you are very heavy.


How to choose a pocket-spring mattress?

The choice of mattress should be made in relation to the quality of the welcome, i.e. the first feeling when we lie on it. It is therefore important to pay attention to the quantity of filling, the density, as well as the size of the mattress, in order to maximise comfort.

Alfred et Compagnie pocket-spring mattresses offer firm comfort. They actually combine the two technologies: springs and foam. This provides firm support while remaining comfortable.

For maximum comfort, choose a density of at least 25 kg/m³. With a density of more than 40 kg/m³, you are guaranteed a long life and firmness.

To be the right size, the mattress must be at least 15 to 20 cm larger than the people who sleep on it. The larger the space in a bed, the more comfortable it is.


How many springs are required for a good pocket spring mattress?

Overall, the more pocket springs your mattress has, the better it will be. To be considered good quality, a standard 140x190 mattress should have a minimum of 600 to 700 pocket springs. If your mattress is smaller or larger, you only have to adjust this figure proportionally according to size.

The more pocket springs a mattress has, the greater its sleeping independence, body support and ventilation will be.