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The first kids desk, it's important! Find our selection of desks, the most studious element of the kids room, so that they can work... or daydream. For the moments of rest, offer them a cabin bed or an ecological and design mid-height bed, made in Alfred et Compagnie of course.


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Kids desk: make your child's room more studious Give your child the opportunity to do their homework in good conditions thanks to our selection of kids desks. Alfred & Compagnie offers you many styles, from modern to Scandinavian, kids desks all designed with an impeccable finish in mind. For an eco-friendly workspace, Alfred & Compagnie offers a range of solid pine desks from FSC producers with wooden legs, drawer bottoms and cupboards made of particleboard or white or coloured MDF. And since the health of our children is more important than anything else, our office furniture is covered with a solvent-free water-based paint and is therefore less dangerous for our children. How to choose a kids desk? The design desk for children is available in many models and can be adapted to both spaces and decorative desires. Colours, materials, style, there is something for everyone. When you buy a desk, you should think first of all of your child's age, size and, above all, how they will use it. First of all, there is no age limit for a kids desk. First, if there's no homework to be done yet, your toddler can draw, colour or do an infinite amount of manual work to stimulate their development and imagination. If you are afraid of having to change your kids desk every two years in fear that it will quickly become too small, Alfred & Compagnie offers you a solution: the adjustable desk with its tilting desk. This super practical type of desk has the enormous advantage of having a modular height between 56 and 78 cm. It is therefore suitable for children of all ages. In addition to the height of the kids desk, depth and width are also essential to allow your toddler to learn comfortably and have enough space to work. For the depth, a minimum of 55-60 cm is recommended. For the width, at least 60cm if the child only uses it occasionally and more than 100cm if they really want to use their desk to work. How to set up an desk area in a kids room? First advice from Alfred & Compagnie, think about storage! To flourish, a child needs order and therefore tidiness. Ideally, always choose a desk with at least storage drawers. If you don't have room for a large kids desk, choose a kids table and hang a few shelves above. Hang two or three above the desk to add storage without losing floor space. You can also use perforated particleboard to hang all your child's belongings and create fun storage spaces. Second thing, the light! We can't work in the dark and neither can our children. To draw or work, your child needs a good dose of light. If your child has a large desk, think of the classic desk lamp. If the space is a little tighter, be creative: a portable lamp fixed to the wall, a clip lamp attached to a shelf, many solutions exist. Third advice, position the desk facing the wall. To help your child work and promote concentration, the sources of distraction are minimized. Delimit spaces. To create a living space that invites you to work, feel free to use a little colour. Paint the corner of the wall where the desk is located in a different colour to mark the spaces. If the work table is in the center of a wall, a coloured strip across the width of the desk will look great. And the most important thing: desk chairs! Choose them in the right size and especially with a comfortable backrest to provide good back support for your child. Kids desk: make them want to do their homework Finding the right office for your child will motivate them to do their homework. Browse our wide selection of kids desks with clear and architectural lines. Black, pink, white and grey wood, whatever the colour, they will easily find a place in the kids room. To make sure you don't miss out on any good deals, stay tuned for our flash sales!