Foam Mattress 80x200

Mattress 80x200 for children

Your 80x200 child's bed is now assembled, all you have to do is install the appropriate 80x200 mattress. Discover our selection of children's mattresses, for a good night's sleep in your child's bedroom.

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Choosing the right 80x200 mattress

For a comfort adapted to your child and peaceful and serene nights, it is important to choose the right single mattress. The first thing to consider is the size of your toddler's bed. Be sure to measure the bed base to be sure of its size. Neither too small nor too big, the 80x200 mattress should be combined with a 80x200cm box spring. No matter what type of mattress, polyurethane foam mattress or latex mattress, choosing the right size is essential!

With a well chosen mattress, it will be rocked in peaceful and serene nights thanks to the quality of our mattresses! For extra softness, discover also our overlay mattresses for totally repairing nights.

Mattress 80x200 cm : The choice of practicality

Our mattresses are perfect for single beds and daily sleeping. For incomparable comfort, Alfred & Cie offers 80x200 high resilient foam mattresses for firm support and quality nights. For the health of your children, you will be delighted to discover our anti-allergic ticking, but also our 80x200 mattresses in naturally anti-dust mite latex.

Choosing our 80x200 Bio Natura mattresses

For your sleeping comfort and health, Alfred & Cie has developed its range of 80x200 Bio Natura mattresses in collaboration with a major mattress manufacturer.

Offering optimal comfort and an incomparable quality of sleep, these mattresses take advantage of the natural qualities of latex foam and adapt to the curves of your body for a perfect support of your spine.
7 comfort zones for an incomparable sleep

With 7 comfort zones, the 80x200 Bio Natura mattress offers each part of your body the right support to promote an ideal sleeping position and complete muscle relaxation.

A 80x200 mattress of vegetable origin

The 80x200 Bio Natura mattresses are environmentally friendly and consist of 100% vegetable latex foam from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. This composition, free of any petrochemical derivatives, allows you to benefit from the antifungal, antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic virtues of latex.

These virtues are reinforced by a bamboo ticking naturally treated with essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender known to promote relaxation and sleep.

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