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The duvet is a very important part of a good night's sleep, so choose the best one! This blanket must be extremely soft to guarantee a good night's sleep. Find here our selection of duvets. Whether you are looking for a whole bed linen set or just a pillow, you will find everything you need here to get you through the best nights.

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What size duvet for a single bed?

For a 1 person bed, it is recommended to choose a 140x200cm duvet. This 1 person duvet is long enough to cover your feet, and wide enough to have a nice fall on the sides of the bed and prevent the cold from getting in in in winter. For maximum comfort, it is advisable to have a 30 to 40 cm overhang on each side of the bed.

Duvet for 1 person, how to choose your size?

There are two elements to consider when choosing your single duvet: the first is the size of your bed, the second is your sleeping style.

A 140x200cm single duvet is ideal for a 80/90/100 x 190/200cm bed and if you have a quiet sleep.

For the same bed size, favour a larger 200x200 duvet if you have a restless sleep. This way, even if you move around all night long, you will keep your Alfred & Cie duvet on you.

Duvet for 1 person, one duvet for each season

In order to have a good night's sleep all year round, it is recommended to have a duvet for the winter and a lighter one for the summer. When the nights are colder, it is better to choose a duvet with a higher filling, but still airy, to stay warm without feeling suffocated. For your comfort, Alfred & Cie offers duvets with a 400mg/m2 polyester filling or 270gr/m2 duck down.

For the summer, you can choose a single person duvet with a filling of 200 to 250gr/m2 for the polyester duvets and 180gr/m2 for the duck down duvets.

What size duvet for a 140 cm bed?

Contrary to popular belief, a 140x200 single duvet is not suitable for a 140 cm wide bed. As explained above, you should keep a 30cm overhang on each side for your comfort. For a 140cm bed, a 200x200cm or 220x240cm double duvet should be chosen.

Choosing the right filling for your single duvet

Alfred & Cie offers two main types of filling for these duvets made in France: down and polyester.

Down duvets (natural duvets) guarantee warm nights and incomparable thermal comfort. Soft and airy, this type of duvet brings warmth and softness. Their 90% down composition gives our natural duvets a lightness and a puffiness ideal for cocooning at weekends.

Synthetic, polyester duvets are ideal for children with allergies. They are easy to care for and can be machine washed at 40°. The hollow, siliconised structure of the polyester makes them lightweight duvets with a very good thermal insulation capacity and gives them a feel very similar to naturally filled duvets.

Discover the 1-person duvet Alfred & Cie

To make sure you have a very soft night, Alfred & Cie offers you its range of 1 Made In France duvets. Filled with polyester or duck down, our single duvets are designed to help you spend a warm winter. Made in France, some of our models are also naturally treated against dust mites thanks to the incredible virtues of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils encapsulated in the textile fibres. This non-irritating and hypoallergenic treatment allows the duvet to be treated naturally without solvents or pesticides.

To ensure you enjoy the softest nights, Alfred & Cie offers you, in addition to warm duvets, a whole line of single bed linen sets in organic cotton including a 140x200 duvet cover and a 60x60 pillowcase.

Our care tips for your single duvets

Synthetic or natural, a duvet should be aired and shaken regularly. Ideally, you should wash your natural duvet once or twice a year. Synthetic duvets should be cleaned quarterly. To preserve your duvet, encourage moderate spinning and air drying.

If you are still unsure about which size to choose according to the dimensions of your bed, follow our guide.

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