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The duvet is a very important part of a good night's sleep, so choose the best one! This blanket must be extremely soft to guarantee a good night's sleep. Find here our selection of duvets. Whether you are looking for a whole bed linen set or just a pillow, you will find everything you need here to get you through the best nights.

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What size duvet for a double bed?

For a standard double bed (140 cm x 190/200 cm) you should choose a duvet measuring 220 x 260 cm to ensure that there is enough overhang to prevent the cold from getting under the sheets. For a double bed or a sofa bed, a smaller duvet of 200 x 200cm is sufficient.
What size duvet for a 140x190 bed?

For a 140x190cm bed, we advise you to choose a double duvet measuring 200x200cm or 220x240 in order to have a minimum overhang of 30cm. This extra duvet will prevent the cold from passing underneath when you move around. If you have a thick mattress, a 220x240 duvet will allow you to hide it completely.
What size duvet for a 160x200 bed?

For a 160x200 bed, also known as a Queen Size bed, it is possible to choose between two sizes of double duvet. The 220x240 duvet is perfect if you sleep alone or if the sleepers do not move around too much during their sleep. If you sleep with two people or if you are a restless sleeper, a duvet of 240x260 is preferable.
Which duvet for a 180x200 bed?

For a king size bed of 180x200cm, we recommend a duvet of 260x240 cm. This size allows for a 40 cm overhang on each side of the bed, which prevents air from rushing under the duvet when you move.
What is the heat rating of a double duvet?

The warmth rating of a double duvet will depend on the temperature of your bedroom and your personal feelings. The warmth of a duvet is determined by its weight, which can vary from 175g/m² to 500g/m². The warmth index of a 2 person duvet evolves on a scale of 1 to 4, from light to very warm. Choose :

    a light duvet (< 250g/m²) if your bedroom is heated above 22°,
    a temperate duvet (250 to 350g/m²) if your room is between 17 and 22°,
    a warm duvet (350 to 450g/m²) for a cool room (12 to 17°)
    a very warm duvet (> 450g/m²) for an unheated room (less than 12°)

You can also choose your 2-person duvet according to the season, in which case :

    choose a light duvet for the summer,
    a warm duvet for mid-season (spring and autumn),
    a warm or very warm duvet for winter.

Discover Alfred & Cie duvets

Alfred&Cie offers on its website a whole range of duvets designed to give you the best sleep.  To guarantee you a soft and comfortable night's sleep, we offer 2-person duvets made in France. You will find on our site models of duvets filled with polyester or duck down.

For your health, our duvets are treated against dust mites thanks to a mixture of essential oils. This 100% natural treatment takes advantage of the properties of essential oils of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. Encapsulated in the textile fibres, the oils' virtues are gradually diffused to prevent the development of dust mites.

To ensure you have the best night's sleep, you can also find on Alfred&Cie the duvet cover and bed linen set for 2 persons in organic cotton adapted to the size of your duvet for 2 persons.

If you are still hesitating about which size to choose according to the dimensions of your bed, follow our guide.

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