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The duvet is an essential element for a good night's sleep, which is why you should choose it carefully! This blanket that wraps your little one must be extremely soft to ensure the most restful nights. Find here our selection of duvets. Whether you're looking for a whole bed linen set or just a pillow, you'll find everything you need to give your child a soft night's sleep here.

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What size duvet for a child's bed 70x140?

For a 70x140 bed, you need a child duvet measuring at least 140x150cm. This will allow you to tuck your child in comfortably and keep him/her warm at night. At Alfred & Cie you will find three sizes of duvet to fit your child's bed:

    children's duvets of 100x140cm
    140x150cm duvets
    children's duvets 140x200 cm

Alfred & Cie offers you a duvet adapted to your child's bed and treated against dust mites thanks to the natural powers of essential oils. Lemon, eucalyptus and lavender release their virtues for the health of your toddlers. For babies, we advise you to avoid duvets and to prefer the use of a turbulette.

What size duvet for a 90x190 bed?

For a 90x190 or 90/200 cm child's bed, you can choose a 140x200 cm single duvet. This size will be perfect to cover your child's feet, but also to have a sufficient edge to prevent the passage of air and allow your child to spend a warm night under a warm and airy duvet.

When to offer a duvet to your child?

You can offer your child a duvet from the age of 18 months according to early childhood professionals. In the first few months, and even the first year of his life, it is recommended to use a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag for your child to spend his nights in warmth. Before the age of one and a half, a child can easily undo his or her duvet at night if it is not tucked in properly, and the risk of choking, even if it is minimal, can be avoided.

In addition to the duvet, you may also consider whether your child needs a pillow. Until 1 or 2 years of age, children usually sleep flat in their cradle or cot. As you grow older, you will notice that your child begins to enjoy having something under their head at night. From then on, you can offer your child a child pillow, different from the adult pillows, designed to provide good support for their cervical vertebrae during the night.

How to choose the right size duvet for your child?

To choose bed linen adapted to your child's bed, it is important to take the size of your child's bed into account. So that your child can have a pleasant night's sleep and stay warm under his or her child's duvet, you should choose a duvet that is larger than the mattress size.

    a bed of 70x140 for a duvet of 100 x 150 cm,
    a bed of 80/90x190/200 will accommodate a child's duvet of 140x200 cm.

What weight should I choose for my child's duvet?

To ensure your child can spend warm nights in winter and cool nights in the summer, it is important to choose the right warmth category for his or her duvet. At Alfred & Cie you will find duvets for winter and summer.

For the summer, you can choose a duck down duvet with a weight of 180gr/m2 or a polyester duvet with a weight of 200 to 250gr/m2. If the bedroom is very hot during the summer, you can sleep your child under a sheet only so that he is not too hot at night.

In winter, choose a child's duvet with a higher grammage. We recommend a duvet of 300 to 450gr/m2 for polyester duvets and 270gr/m2 for down duvets.

If you opt for a polyester children's duvet, don't worry, innovations in the field make this material a comfortable and highly breathable filling product. Moreover, polyester has the advantage that it does not retain moisture or perspiration and allows the fabric to breathe during the night. Another advantage is that the material is very easy to care for as it can be machine washed at 40° and limits the triggering of allergies.

Duvets for children Alfred & Cie

Alfred & Cie offers you a selection of children's duvets adapted to different bed sizes. Discover our Greencare children's duvet made in France and its anti-dust mite treatment with lemon, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils for 70x140 children's beds or 90x190/200 beds.

You will also find our light and airy duvets in new duck down with the "Belle literie" label, which certifies compliance with specifications based on 3 main criteria:

    quality certified by compliance with precise specifications defined by Belle literie,
    safety with a duvet that meets the tests and controls for compliance,
    traceability with an identification number ensuring the correct tracking of the product.

You will also find in our bed linen category our organic cotton children's bed linen sets composed of a duvet cover and a pillowcase.

If you are still hesitating about the size to choose according to the dimensions of your bed, follow our guide.

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