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Double bed linen: for a good night's sleep

Brighten up your bedroom and spend unforgettable nights with our selection of organic cotton double bed sets. Available in 220x240 and 240x260cm, our bed sets are composed of a duvet cover and two matching pillowcases. Alfred & Cie offers you a large collection of bed linen for a good night's sleep.

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What size duvet cover for 2 people?

For two people, it is advisable to choose a duvet of 240x220cm and therefore a 2 person bed set with a duvet cover of the same size and two pillowcases of 60x60cm or 70x60cm depending on the size of your pillows.

What size duvet cover should I use for a 220x240 duvet?

For a duvet of 220x240cm, the duvet cover of your bed linen set should be 220x240cm.

You should choose a cover that fits the size of your duvet to avoid excess fabric.

What size duvet cover should I choose for a 140x190 bed?

For a 140x190 bed, you normally have a duvet of 220x240cm. Therefore, you should choose a double bed set with a duvet cover measuring 220x240cm. The choice of your bed linen should always be adapted to the size of the duvet and not to the size of your bed.

What size duvet cover for a 160x200 bed?

For a 160x200 bed, also known as a Queen Size bed, it is recommended to choose a duvet measuring 220x240cm, so you should choose a duvet cover measuring 220x240cm. Whatever the size of your bed, the choice of your double bed set should be adapted to the dimensions of your duvet and pillows.

Double bed linen: decorate your bedroom!

To bring a touch of colour to your bedroom and add a touch of softness, you can choose a bed linen set in organic cotton. For your comfort, Alfred & Cie offers you a selection of 100% natural bed linen.

Our bed sets for 2 persons are composed of two 60x60cm pillowcases and a 140x200cm duvet cover, ideal for duvets of the same size.

Double bed set: colours for all styles!

Whatever the decoration of your bedroom, you will find at Alfred & Cie the colour of the bed linen you need. Available in many colours, our 100% cotton bed linen adapts to the atmosphere of your home to ensure a harmonious decoration and a warm bedroom.

Our bed linen sets are available in a variety of colours and can easily change the atmosphere of your bedroom. To get up on the right foot, choose a bed linen set with warm and flashy colours. To energize your interior, don't hesitate to mix colours by mixing your bed sets and using pillowcases from other sets.

If your decoration is inspired by the bohemian style, favour light and natural colours such as beige, white, green and terracotta.

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