1 person Bed linen set

Single bed linen: softness in your bedroom

The bed set is the bed linen that you can most easily change according to your desires! Don't look any further for the duvet cover and matching pillowcase, they are sold together. Discover our selection of 140x200 bed linen in various materials and colours, ideal to brighten up a teenager's bedroom.

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What size duvet cover for a single bed?

The ideal size of a duvet cover for a single bed naturally depends on the size of your duvet. For a single bed, the ideal duvet measures 140x200cm, so the size of your duvet cover for a single bed will be 140x200cm, which is the size of your duvet.

What size duvet cover for a 90x200 bed?

The size of a duvet cover for a 90x200cm bed must be adapted to the dimensions of your duvet. If you have a 140x200cm duvet, you should choose a single bed set with a 140x200cm duvet cover.

What size duvet cover should I use for a 140x190 bed?

140x190cm beds are more commonly used for 2 people, however if you sleep alone you will need a 220x240cm duvet and therefore a 2 person bed set with a 220x240cm duvet cover.

Single bed set: Brighten up your teenager's bedroom!

To decorate your teenager's bedroom and bring a touch of warmth and softness, choose a 100% natural bed set in organic cotton. Discover our single bed sets and give a touch of colour and modernity to your teenager's bedroom!

Composed of a 140x200cm duvet cover and a 60x60cm or 60x70cm pillowcase, the single bed sets available on Alfred & Cie are perfect to spend calm and relaxing nights.

Single bed linen: Various materials, colours and styles!

Bed linen plays a big role in the decoration of a bedroom, and it is not always easy to find the one that suits you best. In order to make it easier for you, Alfred & Compagnie offers you a large choice of organic cotton single bed linen available in different colours! Make your selection!

Mainly plain, our single bed linen sets allow you to change the atmosphere of your bedroom easily. For a Scandinavian and relaxing atmosphere, choose natural and light colours. To bring a good mood into your home as soon as you wake up, choose a bed set in a colourful shade.

If you're bored with plain colours, mix and match your duvet cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet.

With its vast palette of colours, our bed linen sets will satisfy all your decorating desires.

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