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Bedding: Brighten up your toddler's room

The bed linen set is the bed linen with which you can be most imaginative! Don't look any further for matching duvet covers and pillowcases, they are now inseparable. Discover our selection of 140x200 bed sets in various materials and colours, ideal for brightening up your child's bedroom.

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What material should I choose for a children's bed linen set?

For a children's bed linen set, it is important to choose materials made of natural fibres. Synthetic fibres tend to encourage perspiration, trap odours and do not wick away moisture effectively.

For these reasons, Alfred & Cie offers a wide range of children's bed linen made from 100% Oeko - Tex certified organic cotton. Resistant, soft and easy to care for, cotton is the most suitable material for the sensitive skin of our children.

What size bedding should I choose?

Whether your child has a 90x190 or 90x200 bed, chances are he or she has a 140x200cm duvet. Therefore, the bedding should fit the size of the duvet. You should choose a bed set that includes a 140x200 duvet cover. If his pillow is a standard size, a 60x60 cm pillowcase will be perfectly suitable.

Bed linen: Different materials for different styles!

Bed linen has a big influence on the decoration of a child's bedroom, and it is not always easy to find the one that suits our desires. To make it easier for you, Alfred & Compagnie offers you a wide selection of bed linen with eco-friendly materials and different colours! Don't wait any longer!

To bring some decoration to your bedroom, choose modern and design bed linen. Discover our bed linen sets and give a touch of colour to your toddler's bedroom! For a playful and childlike bedroom, you can choose a printed bed linen set. If you want to promote calm and relaxation, a plain bed linen set, less stimulating, will be ideal. You can then play with colour to liven up your child's bedroom. If you have several sets, don't hesitate to mix pillowcases and duvet covers to play on contrasts by combining complementary colours.