Baby Mattress cover

So that your toddler can sleep dry in his cot, think about baby mattresses cover! A dry night's sleep is the guarantee of a good night's sleep in your baby's room. And to make his nights even softer, offer him a cuddly toy or other childcare accessories essential for baby's well-being.

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Our baby mattress protectors: waterproof and protective

With our Alfred & Compagnie selection, protect your mattresses from your child's regurgitation or urine leakage with our waterproof fitted sheets! They also provide effective protection against dust mites and allergies!

Our baby mattress protectors: the guarantee of a comfortable night's sleep

So that baby can sleep in a dry place and have a peaceful night, think about baby mattresses! For even more peaceful nights in your baby's room, discover our nursery accessories or our selection of cuddly toys!

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