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What is the Montessori pedagogy? The Montessori pedagogy aims to promote the child's self-confidence and autonomy by ensuring that their own rhythm is respected and by appealing to their senses through the installation of a floor bed. The basic principle of the Montessori bed is inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, a famous Italian pedagogue, and aims to allow children to move freely in their child's room, to get in and out of the bed alone without the help of an adult and to have access to their toys and their environment easily. This principle is the exact opposite of using a baby cot with bars, althought it is very safe for the youngest ones. This type of bed can be adopted by your child regardless of age. For this purpose, kids beds inspired by the Montessori method are placed on the floor or on a low slatted bed base to ensure the child's autonomy, but also their safety. Apart from this difference, the Montessori bed has classic dimensions and offers a bed just as comfortable as any kids bed. Why choose a Montessori bed? The first reason for choosing the Montessori bed is generally related to the development of autonomy. Being 100% open and close to the ground, this type of bed gives the child the freedom to move on and off the bed. Your little one then has the opportunity to move around more easily and live their little life in complete safety. It is also easier to go to bed. For safety reasons, the low bed base is ideal to avoid the risk of falling. No bed rails that the child may climb or high bed bases that they may not be able to safely climb off of. In addition, if the child rolls over during the night, the low height of the bed base and mattress minimizes the risk of falling and causing injury. Another point and not the least, the price, the Montessori bed is generally quite affordable and can last throughout your child's growth from 2 years old until adolescence. What age to sleep in a Montessori bed? Since it is ideal for developing children's autonomy, the Montessori bed can welcome your little one whenever the need arises. As soon as they start to stand up, and risk climbing over the sides of their baby cot, the Montessori bed can be a solution. As you will have understood, the transition to the low bed depends more on your child's development than on their age. However, if you really want a number, here are two: between 20 and 24 months. When they are 2 years old seems to be the ideal time to switch to the Montessori bed and the larger bed in general. Before that, the child always needs to sleep in a closed, secure environment, reminding them of the comfortable stomach in which they have developed. The Montessori bed principle with Alfred & Compagnie The Montessori kids room by Alfred et Compagnie is designed to support parents in the personal development of their children. The Montessori bed is lower to allow children to be autonomous in their room while being safe. To accentuate the playful side of this low bed, a structure in the form of a wooden cabin bed creates a stimulating environment for the child. Even if it can be tempting to put a mattress directly on the floor, the fact of having a Montessori bed with a bed base raised by a few centimetres and not to put a mattress directly on the floor allows to keep the mattress well ventilated and therefore a good quality of sleep Depending on the models, it is advisable to position your Montessori bed in a corner to prevent the child from rolling on the floor. For the open side of the bed, cushions or a rug can be placed on the floor to serve as a transition. The bed rail option is not recommended for this type of bed since it goes against the Montessori pedagogy. Differentiating spaces is part of the Montessori approach, the cabin format of Alfred & Compagnie beds perfectly illustrates this approach and brings originality to your child's room. In addition, it offers an ideal recreative environment for playing, but also to spend a quality night. With this Montessori cabin bed, your child will be able to develop and explore the world according to their wishes. Which mattress to choose for your low bed? No right answer, you decide! As with the choice of each mattress, the first rule of course is to choose the right size for the bed frame. At Alfred & Compagnie, we offer you three sizes of beds: 70x140 and 90x140, ideal for a smooth transition to a junior bed after the baby cot and 90x200 that they can keep all their childhood. Please note that Alfred & Compagnie's 90x140 Montessori beds are expandable and you can purchase an evolution kit that allows you to extend the Montessori bed to 190cm in length.