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Ideal for small rooms or small living spaces, the ecological retractable bed allows you to enjoy an additional bed that you can hide in a few seconds for a fun and tidy kids room.

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The retractable bed, a space-saving solution! The retractable bed, whether it is a pull-out bed, or with a bed drawer, is the perfect solution for cleverly arranging small spaces. Thanks to a removable bed, the retractable bed makes it possible to quickly transform a single bed room into a kids room with two beds. A few seconds are enough to enjoy a retractable bed. Alfred & Compagnie offers you a collection of clever quality kids bed to optimize every square meter of your little one's room. Whether it hides a second bed with a real bed base and mattress or a storage space, several bed options are possible. You can choose the retractable bed that suits your needs, your child and especially the organization of their room. Retractable bed, a multi-function bed The retractable bed with storage drawer If your child's room is too small to accommodate a wardrobe, the solution is the kids bed with storage drawers. This practical and comfortable type of bed has a storage space underneath the bed base that can be opened and closed in a few seconds. These removable drawers allow you to enjoy the full depth of the bed with a large capacity horizontal storage unit. A totally discreet storage area that hides under your child's bed The pull-out bed The retractable bed can also be a pull-out bed and allows you to enjoy a second bed with a real mattress. Easily deployable, the pull-out bed gives you the possibility to benefit from a second bed quickly with a real slatted bed base. The retractable bed is ideal for having a bed on hand to receive friends or family.
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