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Discover our eco-designed convertible sofa beds

Design and practical, the sofa bed can be used in any space. Main bed for studios or extra bed to receive friends, our sofas will look great in an industrial style decoration.

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The ecological convertible sofa Comfort and pleasure, Alfred & Co. is expanding its comfort and sleep zone with a pretty collection of convertible sofas in raw wood from eco-managed forests. Design and ecological sofas offering you a comfortable seat during the day and a quality bed for dream nights. How to choose a sofa bed? At Alfred & Co., we have chosen to promote the design, comfort and ease of installation of our convertible sofas by choosing solid wood models such as futon. Particularly practical in small spaces, the first thing to consider is the size of the sofa in a sitting position. Take into account mainly the width and depth of the sofa. Design is also an important thing in choosing your sofa bed. If you choose a futon to create a small space, you must favour lightness. Convertibles furniture such as sofas, beds or convertible benches are often quite massive and are more suitable for large spaces. Alfred & Co. futons and sofas are characterized by a light and natural structure that allows light to pass through and does not block the eye, creating a spatial effect. The third thing is the dimensions of the bed. One or two seats, convertible sofas are also to be chosen according to your sleeping needs. Extra bed for guests or sofa bed that will rock you every night, you can choose between a single bed in 80x200cm or a double bed in 140x200cm Why choose a sofa bed? Two words: practical & versatile! Used as a simple sofa or bed, the sofa bed is always a safe source for sitting or sleeping. Once unfolded, its bed function offers you a bed worthy of a real bed. The futon also offers a perfect zen and Japanese atmosphere for a relaxed decoration and a bohemian atmosphere.