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Your daughter is growing up and the layout of her teenage room needs to be remade? For this purpose, discover the selection of Alfred et Compagnie ecological and design furniture. High bed, sofa bed, pull-out bed and also wooden bed in 90x90, 90x200, etc... For her development, you will also find a selection of desks, shelves and bookcases.


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Teen girl room Adolescence is the time when children grow up and their need for independence is felt. Help your teen create a personalized room that reflects their personality. A teen girl's room is a very important place where she will be able to receive her friends and study. The ideal Teen Room for a girl Your daughter has grown up, her needs have changed. It is time for her to leave her kids room where she has been sleeping for many years. Let's now forget the childish universe and focus on more assertive colours with powdery shades. The walls can be plain, but the trend is rather to delimit spaces with, for example, darker colours around the bed. You can also choose from wallpapers with retro, jungle or very poetic patterns. Once the paints have been applied, you can customize your teen's room by adding decorative items such as light garlands. Setting up your teen's room Start with the main element first: The bed. Choose a 90x200 teen bed or a 140x200 large bed. Once you have found the bed, look for a matching teen wardrobe and/or dresser. Consider defining spaces with, for example, a night area around the bed, a work area with a teen desk matching the room's colours, and if the room is large enough a small area to accommodate friends with a sofa or pouffes. Also, plan plenty of storage space so that your daughter can tidy up all her belongings and avoid messing up the room.
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