Baby mattress 60x120 natural latex

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Discover our eco-designed baby mattresses 60x120 natural latex

Give your baby the comfort and quality of a natural latex mattress. Our selection of mattresses and bed bases will ensure that your child has comfortable and peaceful nights. Discover our selection of 60x120 natural latex baby mattresses.

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The Natural Latex Mattress: Quality and Ethical The natural latex mattress combines quality of comfort and ethical choice. Of 100% natural origin, our products have natural qualities of elasticity and flexibility. The latex foam will therefore adapt to your child's morphology for optimal comfort and support. The Natural Latex Mattress: Lasting and hypoallergenic The natural latex mattress with dimensions 60x120 will find its perfect place in your baby's cot. The open cellular structure ensures permanent ventilation, which facilitates the evacuation of perspiration. It also has natural antibacterial, anti-mould and anti-mite properties.