Mattress 160x200 natural latex

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Discover our eco-designed mattresses 160x200 natural latex

Offer your lumbar vertebrae optimal and unrivalled comfort with a natural latex mattress. Designed for 2 people, our 160x200 natural latex mattresses will naturally find their place in your parental room. Forget the difficult awakenings and start off on the right foot as soon as you wake up!

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Natural latex mattress 160x200: No more sore backs Alfred & Compagnie introduces a natural latex mattress for unrivalled comfort and optimal sleep quality. The natural latex foam allows the mattress to adapt to the morphology of the body while providing good support. Natural latex mattress 160x200: Keep your mattress for a long time Our mattresses are under guarantee for 5 years, because they are lasting and retain their elasticity over the years.