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The quality of sleep depends above all on the choices made when it comes to mattresses and bed bases. That is why we recommend our 100% natural latex mattresses. Indeed, their elasticity ensures you an unbeatable support. Don't wait any longer, discover our selection of 80x200 natural latex mattresses now.

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The Natural Latex Mattress 80x200 Alfred et Compagnie Following the feedback of many customers, we have, in collaboration with a major mattress manufacturer, created the Bio Natura 100% natural latex mattress A comfortable natural latex mattress The Bio Natura mattress has a high quality of flexibility and elasticity and ensures a perfect support of the body thanks to its natural latex foam. The position of your toddler's spine will be ideal thanks to 7 different comfort zones. The muscle relaxation will be complete! A quality natural latex mattress The natural latex mattress also has a large number of properties, namely: -An open cellular structure providing permanent ventilation to facilitate the evacuation of perspiration - Mould resistance - Bacterial resistance - Bed mite resistance In short, a lasting product that you will keep for many years, for gentle nights!

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