Mattress 90x190 natural latex

Are you looking for a 90x190 mattress? Enjoy the quality of a 90x190 natural latex mattress with unprecedented comfort! Due to their elasticity, natural latex mattresses ensure that your back is perfectly supported at night. Their hypoallergenic properties also makes them a must-have among our selection of mattresses and bed bases. So why deprive yourself?

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The quality of a natural latex mattress By choosing a 100% natural latex mattress, you are guaranteed unrivalled comfort and sleep! Its elasticity and flexibility will adapt to your child's morphology! A natural latex mattress: lasting and protective In addition, this natural antibacterial and anti-mould properties make it a hypoallergenic product, ideal for protecting your child's health and sustainably preserving your mattress! Finally, this natural latex mattress has been designed to last and accompany you for many years!

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