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The kids bed seen by Alfred & Compagnie Most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, the kids bed must be comfortable and of high quality. To do this, Alfred & Compagnie offers you a wide choice of solid wood beds that are ecological and respectful of nature and the health of your children. For quality nights and a restful sleep, your toddler should sleep in a kids bed that is appropriate for their age, size, but also for the layout of their night space. Available in different sizes and models, the kids bed seen by Alfred & Compagnie is designed to suit your needs. From the 70x140 bed to the 90x190 or 90x200 bed, more than 200 kids beds are available on our website with mattresses adapted to their age for a comfortable bed. When to switch from baby cot to kids bed? It is sometimes difficult to find the right time to switch from a baby cot to a kids bed. Even if there is no perfect age, your child's behaviour and development can tell you when to change beds and mattresses. In general, as soon as your little boy or girl becomes independent, it's time to change beds. If your toddler starts climbing the sides of their baby cot, it becomes dangerous to leave them there. Similarly, if at bedtime or when waking up, the child asks for more autonomy, it is because they are ready to move to a "grown-up" bed. During this transition period, avoid high or mid-high beds, which can be difficult or dangerous for very young children to climb. Choose a safe bed For maximum security during this transition, you have three options. The first is to add a safety bed rail to prevent falls at night. This system, which is easy to set up, generally fits under the child's mattress without the need for fixation. The second is to opt for a Montessori bed with a low bed base and a low mattress for a bed close to the ground, thus allowing the child to climb up or down from their bed without difficulty. The last one is to choose an extendable bed that generally has a modular bed rail that is ideal for securing your toddler's nights. Finally, the cabin bed, on the other hand, is closed and will limit the risk of falling during the night and bring your child a real cozy little cocoon for the night. An original and comfortable cot As comfort should never be at the expense of aesthetics, we have carefully selected our kids bed so that they can be integrated into any bedroom decoration. Rounded shape for a room all curved and soft, perfect for a little princess, or rather with a geometric design with sharp edges for a contemporary atmosphere, ideal for little boys, the kids bed is trendy and playful. Colour is also at the heart of our concerns to offer your toddlers a soothing space that would favour sleeping. The sobriety of white, black, grey and beige is combined with the warmth of natural wood and more vibrant colours such as purple or pink. For a room that encourages autonomy and imagination, discover our cabin beds or our range of Montessori beds with their low bed base allowing the child to move around and discover their environment without constraint. Choose a bed adapted to the space A grown-up bed for a small bedroom is possible thanks to our range of Kids Beds. A small space, but a large family? No worries, Alfred & Compagnie offers a collection of bunk beds with 2 or 3 sleepers to maximize space and enjoy the height under the ceiling in your child's room. To arrange a play area, desk or storage space in a small bedroom, you can choose a high or mid-high bed. This type of kids bed optimizes the space under the bed base to accommodate a desk, sofa, wardrobe or other furniture. A good opportunity to take advantage of the high ceiling and give you the opportunity to create a real living space under the bed. If you are short of storage (like many parents!), a storage drawer can fit under your child's bed. An excellent way to save storage space without cluttering up the floor space in your child's room. And since children grow up too fast, Alfred & Compagnie has selected extendable kids bed that can be easily and quickly extended from a 140cm kids bed to a 190/200cm kids bed in a matter of seconds. Choose the size of your crib The kids bed comes in different sizes to suit the space in your rooms and the size of your child. In France, the size of a standard kids bed is 90x190 or 90x200cm. However, to adapt as well as possible to the size and age of your child, Alfred & Compagnie offers you a wide selection of bed sizes. The 70x140cm toddler bed is recommended for children from 2 years old. As it is not too big, it offers your toddler a cozy and reassuring little nest to make a transition from the baby cot. If your child is rather tall for their age, you can opt for a 160cm long bed and add a safety bed rail to ensure their safety. The extendable bed is a long-term solution that will go along with your child's growth. These beds have the ability to grow with your child from a size of 140cm to a size of 160cm and then 190 or 200cm. If you want to go for the grown-up bed directly, Alfred & Compagnie offers 90x190/200 beds made of eco-responsible materials and covered with solvent-free paint. These kids bed can be kept throughout their growth until the end of their teenage years. When transitioning to be kids bed, be sure to choose a mattress that is appropriate for your child's age and weight in order to provide good support during the night and quality sleep. The environmentally friendly kids bed for children With the future of your children and the planet at the heart of our approach, Alfred & Compagnie makes it a point of honour to offer quality materials from responsibly and sustainably managed forests as well as environmentally friendly MDF generation wood. Each kids bed is painted with a solvent-free water-based paint. Alfred & Compagnie offers on its website a selection of organic natural latex mattresses, but also organic cotton bed linen.