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To ensure maximum comfort and protection for the whole family, remember to equip your beds with an adapted fitted sheet: fitted sheet 70x170, 60x120 or 90x200, a comfortable fitted sheet without forgetting the mattress protection sheet. Find here all the mattress protectors to put in the baby or child bed.

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Mattress protector: Comfort and protection

Equip the mattress with a mattress protector to ensure optimum comfort and protection. This bed linen allows total protection of the bedding since the sheet of the mattress protector is waterproof and will prevent small leaks and stains on the mattress.

Mattress protector: To keep a clean mattress

The mattress pads prevent the mattress from getting dirty when your toddler produces rings of condensation or moisture. Its waterproof sheet will protect the bedding from your toddler's small leaks and save you from spending time cleaning the mattress.