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Your child is growing and their kids room is evolving. If you have opted for the extendable bed from the beginning, you will find here all the furniture and decorative elements essential for their growth: mid-height bed, bunk bed, or high bed, the magic of the cabin bed or pull-out bed, dresser and wardrobe, bedside table and, of course, your child's first desk. Design and playful furniture for an ecological room while having fun!

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The ideal kids room There are simple rules to create a soothing and caring atmosphere for the kids room! Let's start with colour, favour light and non-aggressive colours! Blue and green are recommended because they favour relaxation, you can choose a pastel yellow, powder pink, parma or lavender as well. The kids room must have essential furniture, namely a kids bed, a dresser or a wardrobe for storage and of course a desk area! For small rooms, the use of a storage drawer is a good solution since it will fit directly under the bed without taking up any floor space. It is essential that your child can have a quiet place in their room where they can work, practice and study. For rooms with limited space, a simple table with clean lines can do the trick. The play area is not to be neglected either! You can lay a rug and install a few toy chests so that your child can have fun and then easily store their toys! This will prevent toys from invading the room! To reassure your toddler, don't hesitate to add a night-light in the room. This will allow them to get up at night without being afraid. As they grow up, they will gain confidence and you can take it off when they feel ready! The kids room must be bright, soothing, but also joyful where your child goes to wake up and flourish! Feel free to include decorative elements by choosing stylish furniture in light and warm colours. Which bed to choose for a kids room Your child is growing up fast! Around 2 years old, it is time to switch from the baby cot to a 90x140cm toddler bed so that they feel comfortable and to change their mattress and bed base for a better quality of sleep! If you want to opt for a lasting bed, you can choose an extendable kids bed! Very practical, this bed adapts to your child and their growth! For example, it will switch from a 90x140 bed to a 90x190 bed in a few seconds with its bed base and its extendable mattress included according to the models. For convenience, the pull-out bed will be ideal if you want to have an extra bed with a slatted bed base in no time at all! With its bed drawer, the pull-out bed allows you to have a second bed, with a real mattress, when necessary, you only have to unfold it and a second 90x190 bed is at your disposal. The bed drawer can also be used as a storage space in the kids room! For a modern and original kids room, the sofa bed will be perfect! It can also accommodate a bed drawer for a second bed or additional storage space! Your children can receive their friend and have them sit on this sofa-like bed. The kids bed is very important in your toddlers' rooms, you must choose it carefully so that your child can rest and spend quiet and comfortable nights. To this end, also take great care to choose a good bed base and a quality mattress. How to decorate a children's room To create a fun and relaxing kids room, the first thing to do is to take care of the walls. Let's forget the white as it is far too light and sober, and let's opt for a soft and relaxing color. For a cocooning atmosphere, rather choose slightly patina colours, or even slightly dark colours to create an atmosphere adapted to sleep and to enhance the value of the furniture chosen with more punchy colours. For the walls again, consider stickers! Ideal to bring a little pep or sweetness to a room, stickers have the advantage of being removable and can therefore evolve according to your desires and the age of your children. A small sticker with vibrant colors will stand out perfectly on a darker wall. The stickers can also be used in a kids room to give a new look to furniture and give it a little pep. To create a real little cocoon in a kids room, use cushions, animal plushes and rugs. A kids bed full of cushions will create a real little den in which your child can hide. Similarly, the use of a rug, playful and colourful, will bring a little warmth to a room. For kids desks, forget the simple floorboard and think original! In a kids room, the office can become a real playground with practical storage space. Feel free to choose a rather dark desk and accessorize it with brightly coloured lamps or decorative objects. Everything you need to furnish your child's room Since a kids room is more than just a bed, Alfred & Compagnie is committed to developing its range of kids furniture to help you create the perfect room for sleeping, tidying up, having fun and working. For quality sleeps, we have developed a collection of eco-friendly wooden kids bed. For a classic and comfortable kids room, the 90x190/200 bed is ideal. In a standard format, it will follow the child until they leave the family nest. If your child is a little adventurer, the cabin bed is the best choice. A perfect cocoon to sleep in, but also to develop and imagine the greatest adventures. For small spaces, the baby cot is practical. The pull-out bed is perfect to hide a second bed and invite friends to spend the night over. The mid-high bed and high bed will be perfect to create a space for work, relaxation or leisure under the bed. If the room accommodates several children, the bunk bed with 2 or 3 beds allows to optimize the floor space by taking advantage of the floor space. And to encourage the autonomy of the little ones, fall for the Montessori bed with its low bed base. For a kids room that is always tidy, let's take a look at the bedside tables, bed drawers, kids wardrobes, dressers and bookcases. One or two doors, hanging rod or shelf, with no drawers, the kids wardrobe is the essential piece of furniture for a tidy space. For clothes, toys or bed linen, the wardrobe will find its place in your toddler's room. Optimize space and slide a storage drawer under your child's bed or install a storage chest at the bed's feet. For the most studious, or for artists who need to express their creativity, Alfred & Compagnie also offers to add to your child's room a desk full of storage with a comfortable and colorful chair. Our essential packs for a kids room Looking for a simple and minimalist room with matching furniture? Fall for our kids room packs including the essentials for a well-equipped kids room. A bed with storage drawers to optimize floor space and save storage space. A 3-drawer dresser to store all your baby's laundry and a bedside table to put a bedside lamp and your favourite book.