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To rest little heads, linnet heads and big heads in their room: discover our selection of pillows for the bed. By equipping yourself with a quality pillow, offer you and your toddler nights full of softness. Don't forget to protect the pillows and blanket with a colourful designer bed linen set!

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Pillow: It guarantees the quality of sleep.

The pillow is a very personal accessory, which is why it is very important that it meets our needs. With our selection of comfortable, skin-friendly pillows, you can ensure that your child's head is optimally supported and well ventilated.

Pillow: The importance of pillow choice

Every day your child spends about 7 to 8 hours in bed! Just like the body, the head needs support. This support must ensure that the cervical vertebrae are in an ideal position. It is important to choose it carefully and to change it every 2 years or so. Find the most suitable one through our selection of Alfred & Compagnie pillows!