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You are considering buying a 90x200 mattress and have gone through many selections of mattresses and bed bases. Let yourself be convinced by a 100% natural latex mattress. Its elasticity and flexibility will ensure your lumbar vertebrae a real moment of relaxation. In addition, these mattresses are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-mould and anti-mite.

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A natural latex mattress with virtuous properties Discover this 90x200 natural latex mattress with natural elasticity and flexibility! Indeed, it has a natural latex foam that will perfectly match your child's morphology! The back is fully supported and it offers a moment of relaxation to all muscles. A natural latex mattress: Beneficial and lasting Hypoallergenic, this natural latex mattress protects your child's health thanks to its natural antibacterial and anti-mould properties. In addition, it also has an open cell structure that allows permanent ventilation. Finally, its elasticity and flexibility allow to keep it for many years without alteration!