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All our teams are proud and happy to introduce the BIO NATURA 100% NATURAL LATEX mattress, a new creation by Alfred & Compagnie benefiting from the feedback of our many customers and developed in collaboration with a major mattress manufacturer.

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Why choose a natural latex mattress? First, for its optimal comfort and the guarantee of an unrivalled sleep! Thanks to its natural qualities of elasticity and flexibility, natural latex foam immediately adapts to your child's body shape and provides perfect support for their body. The 7 differentiated comfort zones further reinforce these characteristics, allowing an ideal position of the spine and complete muscle relaxation. No more sore backs in the morning! In addition, the cellular structure of the natural latex mattress provides permanent ventilation, facilitating the evacuation of perspiration. On the other hand, latex milk has real natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties. The proven resistance of latex foam to mould, bacteria and mites makes it a natural product It should also be noted that the 100% natural latex mattress guarantees a less energy-intensive and less polluting production, for a final product without any chemical emissions. Beware, however, of appellations! The "natural latex" can contain up to 15% synthetic latex. The simple expression "100% latex", on the other hand, corresponds to synthetic latex from the petrochemical industry. The latex mattresses offered by Alfred & Compagnie are produced exclusively with "Mayan Green" natural latex from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. No artificial densification materials or synthetic latex are used, in order to benefit 100% from the natural comfort and environmental properties of natural latex. Finally, the natural latex mattress retains its elasticity for years without any alteration. It is therefore a lasting product that you will keep for years without having to change it! Discover the ecological features of this new generation of mattresses, now available in several sizes to fit almost all children's and adults' beds! And for quality nights, choose organic cotton bed linen. How to choose a natural latex mattress? To choose a latex mattress without making any mistakes, it is necessary to refer to their characteristics. The first thing to consider is the comfort zones of the latex mattress. Generally, there are 3 ranges of natural latex mattresses: Mattresses with 7 comfort zones: the best ; these mattresses offer an unrivalled support of the different parts of the body and will suit the most demanding sleepers. Latex mattresses with 5 comfort zones: have the best quality/price ratio. These models offer 5 different support zones for the head, shoulders, back, thighs and feet. Ideal for back pains, the 5-zone comfort mattresses adapt to each part of the body for a quality sleep. Natural latex mattresses with 3 comfort zones: cheapest of the range, this mattress has 3 different zones head-shoulder, back and lower body. This type of product is suitable for the vast majority of sleepers who do not have back aches. The second thing to consider is the density of the natural latex mattress. Depending on your preferences, you should choose a latex mattress that is more or less firm and therefore with a higher or lower density. The total thickness of the latex mattress varies between 15 and 17cm. Classically, there are 3 types of density: 65 to 75 kg/m3: this type of mattress offers a low support and therefore a very soft sensation and is suitable for sleepers who appreciate very soft mattresses 75 to 80kg/m3: of intermediate density, this type of mattress is suitable for the greatest number of people, it offers good back and body support and firm comfort. 80 to 85kg/m3: this natural latex mattress has a very high density and is therefore very firm, beyond this model, the mattresses are often far too hard and therefore uncomfortable. How to maintain a natural latex mattress? Another advantage of the latex mattress is that it requires very little maintenance. Unlike spring or foam mattresses, latex is naturally ventilated and does not trap dust or dirt. However, for optimal comfort, it is advisable to clean your natural latex mattress 2 to 4 times a year. To keep in regularity, the trick is to do it at each change of season. To stay 100% ecological, avoid standard cleaning products and use what is hidden in your kitchen: white vinegar. The use of white vinegar, 100% ecological, vinegar has the ability to destroy a large number of viruses and bacteria. The technique is simple, mix 2 doses of vinegar for a dose of hot water, soak a sponge and simply rub your mattress. Rinse with clean water and you're done. If the smell of vinegar bothers you, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, vanilla to dream of holidays and heavenly islands or lavender, known to favour sleep.