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The extendable kids bed and bed base installed, don't forget the extendable mattress for children! Quickly discover the solutions most adapted to the extendable bed of the kids room.


Mattress 90x140x12

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Mattress 90x140x12

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Extendable kids bed mattress: Accompany your child's growth The extendable kids bed will accompany your child for many years until their adolescence. Also choose the mattress and the bed base adapted to this type of bed to let your child to grow up in the best conditions! Extendable kids bed mattress: Choose the comfort for your child In order to provide your child with peaceful nights, it is essential to provide them with a good mattress on which they will feel comfortable. The quality of sleep also depends on the quality of the bed. For a baby to spend peaceful nights, choose a comfortable extendable kids bed mattress from our different models and offer great comfort to your child.