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Alfred & Compagnie offers a wide selection of mattresses and bed bases for babies, children and adults. Many sizes and finishing touches are available to meet your expectations: natural latex mattresses, 90x190 mattresses... Also find here our selection of changing mattresses.


Mattress 90x140x12

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Mattress 90x140x12

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Mattresses: An essential choice for dream nights The quality of sleep rhymes with the choice of a good mattress. One third of the sleeper's support is provided by the bed base and 2/3 by the mattress: it is therefore essential to match them well to obtain optimal comfort during the night. A suitable mattress will offer you a more peaceful sleep and will avoid countless back pains! Mattresses: Find the one that suits you! Because everyone has different needs, Alfred & Compagnie offers you solutions adapted to your needs. Shape memory mattresses, changing mattresses, baby mattresses... discover the one that suits you or your child!