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Store clothes, bed linens, pyjamas and other toys in the kids dresser. Find here our selection of design, ecological and practical kids dresser! To complete the layout of a design kids room, discover the selection of storage for kids rooms Alfred et Compagnie of course.... !

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The kids dresser: For a better storage of the kids room! Store your child's clothes, bed linen, towels, bath towels, pyjamas, toys and much more thanks to Alfred & Compagnie's selection! To choose the kids dresser adapted to the kids room, find the selection of Alfred & Compagnie in various styles and sizes. The kids dresser: Our design and modern models! Discover our kids dresser with a sleek and stylish look that will fit perfectly in the kids room! Several sizes, several styles, these kids dresser are under guarantee for 1 year! All this to make the kids dresser a design and always ecological kids room storage!
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