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Sleeping, playing, blossoming, having fun: the kids cabin bed is the king of the jungle, or at least of the kids room. Everything is possible in there! Discover here our selection of cabin beds. At Alfred et Compagnie, we also offer a wide range of extendable beds. The extendable kids bed will follow your child throughout their growth.

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What is a cabin bed? The kids cabin bed is a kids bed often made of solid wood, generally raised, in the form of a small house or a cabin or a teepee bed. These kids beds then have a traditional bed under which a play area or a storage space in the form of a drawer can be organised. These beds are perfectly adapted to small spaces since their structure occupies the height of your kids room without cluttering up the floor space, much like a bunk bed. The cabin bed amazes children with its playful and confined nature. Your child thus has a universe of their own, a universe in which they feel good and in which they like to go and which stimulates their imagination! With a kids cabin bed, you no longer need to fight with your toddler to get them to bed, they will go there with pleasure! Who has never dreamed of having a real home bed perched in their kids room? This child's wish is fulfilled thanks to this playful little bed! The dream of our little ones! What age for a cabin bed? Good news, there is no age limit! These trendy and playful wooden beds come in many sizes, designs and heights to suit children of all ages. For the youngest (from 2 to 5 years old), orient your choice towards a cabin bed according to the Montessori method. A small house with sober lines and a bed base that is level with the ground to encourage the autonomy of the little ones. However, be careful to choose the model carefully if you use it in a baby room. Beyond the age of 5, when the child is able to climb easily through a ladder, you can choose a model that is very high. These kids beds are generally real small castles creating a real little cocoon conducive to the development of imagination and sleep. Finally, for all ages, Alfred & Compagnie offers a range of cabin beds with classic kids bed sizes and a bed base height adapted to everyone. With this kind of bed, no questions about age. Our cabin beds have small bed rails to secure your child's nights. Why choose a cabin bed? The kids cabin bed is an option of choice if you want to offer your toddler a unique and playful bed made of solid pine. This type of kids bed is much more interesting than a classic bed because it offers a comfortable and warm sleeping space, but also a great play area. The cabin bed has an incredible amount of benefits for your child's development and comfort. In addition to being a very playful piece of furniture, it also encourages the learning and independence of children. Real playground, it also helps to develop children's imagination by providing them with a space to play. The cabin beds also make it possible to better organize the space by combining sleeping and playing in a single room. Its cocoon aspect also encourages the well-being of the little ones and makes it easier to put them to bed. What child doesn't dream of sleeping in a cabin?! Secure, the kids cabin bed is also a source of comfort and reinsurance for parents. With its small walls or wooden fences, the risk of falling at night is reduced. A bed that is fun, comfortable, safe and promotes the child's development, what more could you ask for? Discover the Alfred & Compagnie range At Alfred & Compagnie, we have to admit that we have a small liking, even a big weakness for cabin beds! That's why we offer you various models of cabin beds, each more trendy than the next! To ensure the safety of your child, we make it a point of honour to choose quality materials and design our range of cabin beds in solid wood: pine, beech or lime. Our cabins do not require the addition of bed rails, your child will not fall during the night. To suit all decorations, our beds are available in natural wood for a warm look or in white to capture maximum light. All our cabin beds are supplied with their bed base and are designed to accommodate mattresses of 70x140, 90x140 or 90x200 cm depending on the product chosen. To suit all desires, Alfred & Compagnie offers different types of cabin beds: a teepee bed, a tent, a Montessori method bed, find the cabin in which your child will thrive. The choice will therefore be difficult to make. To give you some ideas in the choice of your future bed, here are some criteria to consider: 1) Are you looking for a high cabin bed or one on the ground? 2) With or without shutters? 3) Accessible by ladder or inclined plane? 4) Do you need storage or play spaces under the kids bed? So many questions to ask yourself before choosing the ideal cabin bed for your child's room. All you need to do is choose one of our quality mattresses to ensure your child has a pleasant night and days full of laughter and fun. Alfred & Compagnie also offers a selection of Cabin Beds with a modern and neutral design or a more playful and original style to match the decoration of your child's room. How to decorate a cabin bed? Depending on the model you choose, you may want to add a decorative touch. The most fun to decorate is of course the cabin bed with a simple wooden structure without walls or ladders, following the Montessori method. To create a small cocoon and bring softness to your child's room, you can use curtains, which can be closed at night to create an atmosphere favorable for sleeping or a simple veil, which will let the light through, but will bring softness. The structure of a cabin bed is also perfect for attaching light garlands. If you choose this option, let your imagination run wild. A simple light string with visible LEDs will give a small starry sky effect. The ball garlands are much more fun and it is advantageous to occupy more space. Do not hesitate to use cushions of various shapes and colours to create a soft and tender atmosphere for your child. And if you want to choose not to choose, the light garland can be mixed with the curtains and cushions, for an ideal room.