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Discover here our selection of bunk beds. The ideal kids bed for large families... and sleepovers with friends, of course! To keep your child's room as long as possible, consider the extendable bed that follows your child throughout their growth!

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What are the advantages of the bunk bed? The bunk bed is ideal if you need to set up a room for two children. The bunk bed will allow you to integrate two beds in a kids bedroom and therefore two beds without cluttering up the room. This will allow you to optimize the space to integrate more storage space, a wardrobe, a desk and even a bed drawer to gain a storage space or a third pull-out bed without overloading the room. The bunk bed is THE solution to save space in a room for two children. It allows you to have a bed in height and thus free up space on the floor. Standard in size, our bunk beds have slatted bed bases and can accommodate standard size mattresses also available on Alfred & Compagnie. Access to the top bunk is via a ladder cleverly designed for your child's safety. The bunk bed is also welcome if your child likes to have friends over for regular sleepovers. What age for the bunk bed? Several questions naturally arise before buying a bunk bed. One of them refers, of course, to the age of your children. Is your child old enough for a high bed? Have they reached the minimum age to sleep in this type of bed? Good question! To answer this question, there are official texts, including a mention advising to use this type of bed from 6 years of age to minimize the risk of falls as much as possible. The bunk bed is therefore suitable if you want to put two children in a room and one of them is over 6 years old. The smaller one will probably fight to sleep at a higher level but don't give in, the law is on the older one's side. How high should the ceiling be? For maximum comfort and for your child to be able to get in, out, sit and sleep, you must ensure that you have at least 60 cm between the ceiling and the mattress. To avoid any error in the choice of size, make sure there is a ceiling height of : 200 cm for a bed with an external height of 140 cm 220 cm for a 160 cm external height high bed 230 cm for a 170 cm bunk bed 240 cm for a 180 cm bed Which bunk bed to choose? Depending on your needs, you can focus your attention on more or less different models of bunk beds. The classic bed simply consists of two beds positioned one above the other. In some cases, you can even get a third bed hidden in a drawer stored under the bottom bed. The 3-sleeper bunk bed is similar to the classic bed in its shape except that it accumulates 3 kids beds positioned one above the other. This type of bed generally requires a higher ceiling height. The separable bunk bed is the most versatile model. This kids bed has the enormous advantage of being modular and can be transformed into two classic beds. One room for two children? The two beds are bunk and raised. You are moving and your children can have their own room? No need to buy a new bed, just separate them to get two beds for children. The bunk bed by Alfred et Compagnie The Alfred & Compagnie bunk beds are modern, with design and solid lines thanks to their solid wooden structure in pine, beech or birch. Some are even modular! Indeed, some bunk beds can be split in two to offer you two separate kids beds as soon as your child grows up. Do you need storage space? Discover the bunk beds with drawers cleverly stored under the lower bed base to maximize storage space, allowing you to store your child's toys and sheets. Alfred & Compagnie bunk beds, a playful solution for the kids room that is the place of secrets and of he most demanding children's games. To adapt to all decorations and your furniture, Alfred & Compagnie offers its bunk bed range in different colours: white, black, taupe, grey or natural wood, all colours are on our website at the best price. And if you want to take advantage of a high bed to arrange the area under the bed, Alfred & Compagnie also offers a beautiful range of high beds or slide beds to combine relaxation and fun. And for a playful bed that is adapted to your child's development, consider the Montessori bed or the sofa bed!