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To have a bed that follows your child throughout their growth, choose the extandable kids bed. The extandable bed is above all practical to accompany your child during the transition from the toddler bed to the kids bed. However, an extendable bed can have the same storage advantages as a pull-out bed since it can contain several drawers. So don't hesitate any longer and offer your child one of our extendable beds. To complete your child's room, why not also choose one of our bedside tables?

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What is an extendable bed? The extendable bed is a convertible bed that adapts to your child's growth and size. When your child is a baby, and depending on the models, the extendable bed looks like a baby cot with bars or walls to ensure your child's safety. When your child starts to grow up, the bed gradually extends and turns into a suitable single bed, ideal for a kids room. What age for an extendable bed? As it is totally adaptable, the extendable bed can be used from the age of 2 years. For the very young and to ensure safety during the night, some extendable beds are equipped with small modular bed rails that will disappear when the bed evolves. For others, removable safety bed rails can be positioned on the sides. A huge advantage of the extendable bed, there is no age limit. As it grows with your child, this bed can follow them from early childhood to early adolescence, or even more depending on the design chosen. This type of kids bed is therefore an excellent long-term investment since you can keep it throughout your child's growth Which bedding to choose? Even if it grows with time, the extendable bed still respects the evolution levels based on the standards of kids bed. As a result, each step of evolution corresponds to a size of kids bed, so there is no difficulty in finding a suitable mattress or bed linen. In its basic size, the extendable bed is 140 cm long, which is the classic dimension for children from the second year onwards. The classic 90x140 mattresses are perfectly adapted to this first step, as is the bed linen, which is standardised for these dimensions. Similarly, as it extends, the bed continues to follow the standards by increasing to 170cm in length, the size of a junior bed, and eventually obtaining the size of a 190/200cm long bed. If you want to play the evolution card to the full, Alfred et Compagnie offers you the choice of an extendable mattress composed of 2 or 3 parts. Its "slices" of mattresses are generally modular and can be attached to each other using scratches. The entendable mattress most often has a 140 cm main part and then 1 or 2 extensions of 30 cm. How to make the extendable bed evolve? The Alfred & Compagnie extendable beds are usually delivered with a conversion kit. Depending on the model of the kids bed chosen, the extension of the kids bed will be achieved by adding an extra intermediate foot or a practical sliding system. This allows you to quickly and easily change the size of your child's bed. All you have to do now is adapt the bed base and renew the mattress to obtain in a few moments a real "grown-up" bed with its adapted bedding. For maximum safety when changing the size of the extendable bed, be sure to read the details of the products you are interested in to know their composition and to follow the necessary steps for evolution. No worries, the extendable beds can be transformed in no time at all! Why choose an extendable bed? Buying an extendable kids bed for the kids room is an investment, but it will quickly be made profitable, as you won't have to buy a new bed when your child grows up. The latter will keep the same bed from their earliest age until their adolescence. In addition, the simple and clever systems of our extendable beds allow you to extend your child's bed easily and quickly. You can then, for example, switch from a 90x140 bed to a 90x170 bed and finally to a standard 90x190cm kids bed. In addition, some models have integrated storage units with a removable dresser or with the possibility of installing a bed drawer that can be used as a pull-out bed. Another advantage is the sober and modern design of the Alfred & Compagnie extendable beds, which will please your child no matter their age! Their unique style will withstand the passage of time and fashion effects. The extendable bed seen by Alfred & Compagnie is available in different materials and colours: solid wood or MDF panels, white, grey, black or natural wood and will find its place in any kids room. Multiple, convertible, quality and affordable beds that will accompany your children from birth to adolescence. If you want to offer your child a playful bed in which they can sleep and have fun, opt for the cabin bed or the Montessori bed!