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The pull-out bed is a concentrate of good ideas for a kids room. This kids bed has a second bed or a perfect bed drawer to save space, depending on your needs. The wooden pull-out bed thus combines ingenuity and modern design, for a warm piece of furniture. In addition, our collection of high-quality pull-out beds is particularly comfortable: with a 90x200 pull-out bed or 90x190 pull-out bed, offer your child a second bed in just a few seconds.

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WHAT IS A PULL-OUT BED? A pull-out bed allows you to have a real bed with a mattress hidden under the main bed in a few seconds. To enjoy this second extra bed, simply pull and lift the bed mounted on wheels and located under the main bed. The pull-out bed, for practical reasons, is often higher than a conventional bed. Indeed, the height of the bed must be sufficient to slide the drawer bed underneath the bed base. This gives you a quality extra bed within seconds and at the best price. With the pull-out bed in even the smallest kids room, you will easily save space and have an extra bed available quickly when you want it. This very practical kids will be very appreciated by your toddler during a sleepover! DISCOVER THE ALFRED & COMPAGNIE BED RANGE The Alfred & Compagnie wooden pull-out bed is a concentrate of good ideas: sturdiness, sleek design and comfort, our quality beds will guarantee your child a relaxing night's sleep. It will perfectly suit your child of any age and even adults. Do you want to furnish your child's room with functional, aesthetic and eco-responsible furniture? Alfred & Compagnie furniture will meet your needs and especially those of your children. Quickly find our pull-out beds with built-in storage drawer to save as much space as possible.