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Your child is growing at a phenomenal rate and their toddler bed is getting too small. You are thinking of buying them a kids bed that will be perfect in their kids room and in which they will be able to grow, read, play,... and flourish. Discover our selection of 90x200 beds for children.

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A 90x200 kids bed: Cozy beds adapted to their growth How fast time goes by! Does your toddler feel too cramped in his baby cot? Offer them a comfortable 90x200 kids bed that will perfectly match their kids room! We also offer you a choice of bed combined with many storage spaces or a second bed cleverly hidden. What age for a 90x200cm bed? Not too early or too late, the transition from a junior bed to a 90x200 bed will depend mainly on your child's height. Classically, as soon as they reach 1.30m, it is about time to change beds. In terms of age, a small 6-year-old is ideal. They enter the first grade, they grow up, it is the perfect moment to give them a bed worthy of this passage to the next level. Even if they're small for their age, it is never too early to invest in a kids bed. The single bed can be kept throughout childhood and even until the end of adolescence. 90x200 kids bed can also be installed in a guest room to accommodate friends or family. Which mattress for a 90x200 bed? The size of the mattress and bedding will depend on the size of the bed. In France, the size of beds, mattresses and sheets is quite standardized. Finding a mattress that fits your child's bed will be child's play. For a 90x200 bed, it is advisable to choose a 90x200cm mattress or a model with the same dimensions as the bed base. As for the material, latex remains a must-have. Totally natural, it has the advantage of being hypoallergenic. Composed of small cells, it has natural ventilation for quality nights. Which duvet for a 200cm bed? When choosing the duvet, be careful not to make the mistake of choosing a model that is too small. This element must be warm, comfortable and large enough to allow the child to wrap up and spend a warm night. For a 90x200 bed, Alfred & Compagnie advises you to choose a 140x200cm duvet. These dimensions are large enough to create a real little cocoon for dreams and sleep that is essential for our children's growth. 90x200 kids bed: Aesthetics combining quality Choose from our many 90x200 kids bed models with a sleek design and soft, refined lines. Because Alfred & Co. thinks first and foremost of your children, our bed frames are made of MDF eco-friendly or solid pine from eco-managed forests. No metal bed in here, nature enters the room! These single beds are available in raw wood or covered with a water-based paint to protect our toddlers from solvents