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Discover our eco-designed kids beds 90x190

Your little one is developing at their own pace in their kids room. They are growing up and need a kids bed adapted to their age and size. Discover our selection of 90x190 beds.

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Bed 90x190 : quality at your child's service ! Because Alfred & Compagnie is very demanding on the quality of its products, they are made of eco-friendly panels or solid wood from eco-managed forests, and finished with a water-based paint. Our single beds are equipped with slatted bed bases for better mattress ventilation and more comfortable sleep. In addition, these 90x190cm kids bed are under guarantee for 2 years! What age for a 90x190 bed? After the first few years of life, your child can gradually leave the comfort of his baby cot and move to a larger bed. In general, this transition is made around the age of 2 or 3 years depending on your child's development. As soon as they can stand up and try to get over the sides of their little bed, it's time to change it. The choice of a single bed in 90x190 is an investment for the duration of their childhood and adolescence. Which 90x190 kids bed to choose? The 90x190 pull-out bed: choose this one if you regularly need a second bed that does not take up space in your child's room. Ideal to invite a friend to sleep over. The 90x190 cabin bed : for a playful and comfortable room, the cabin bed has the advantage of offering a real playground but also a sleeping area for children The 90x190 bunk bed: perfectly adapted to small rooms with a high ceiling that need to accommodate several children. For a perfect comfort, be careful to keep at least 60cm between the mattress and the ceiling. The 90x190 Montessori bed: for parents who wish to develop their children's autonomy, the Montessori bed has the advantage of being inexpensive and giving children great freedom. Which mattress for a 90x190 bed? In terms of size, no debate, the ideal mattress for a 90x190 kids bed is of course of the same size. For the material, the best for children, and also for adults, is the natural latex mattress. On the one hand, this type of mattress is perfect to reduce the risk of breathing difficulties, whether it is asthma or allergy. On the other hand, this type of material is also anti-mite. Natural latex mattresses also have the advantage of offering a good firmness/comfort ratio. As a result, these mattresses will provide excellent spinal support at night. However, it will remain soft enough to give them a pleasant bed and create a real little cocoon for the night. Which duvet for a 90x190cm bed? To give your child all the comfort and warmth to spend a sweet night, be cautious of the duvet you will choose. For a 90x190 bed for children, you must choose a 140x200 cm duvet. It may seem big, but this size will allow you to tuck your child in properly and create a warm little cocoon for the night. 90x190cm kids bed: adapted and comfortable beds Central piece of furniture in a kids room, the bed is essential for a good night's sleep. At Alfred & Compagnie, we offer a wide range of 90x190 wooden and solid wood kids bed, a classic. To spend pleasant and relaxing nights, your little one must sleep in a bed adapted to their size with a supplied bed base and a quality mattress also available on Alfred & Compagnie. To optimize the space in a Kids room, you can add a storage drawer on wheels under the 90x190 kids bed to provide additional storage space or a pull-out bed. No matter the decoration and style of the room, our 90x190 kids beds will find their place. All our beds are made of wood for a warm atmosphere and adapted to sleep. Sober beds with straight and drawn edges or curved beds full of softness, your toddlers will be delighted to sleep in their 90x190 Alfred & Compagnie kids beds, especially if they have the right mattress. White, grey, beige or natural wood, the colour of our beds are perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also offer your children a playful room with a cabin bed or the Montessori bed. Scandinavian decorations will be particularly well served with our light and warm colours. To ensure the health of your children, our 90x190 kids bed are painted with solvent-free water-based paint. For a complete room, you can add quality furniture to your child's room: wardrobe, storage drawer, dresser, bedside table, desk, ... everything you need to give your child the room they needs. And if your child is very tall, don't hesitate to use a 200 cm long kids bed.