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Your child is starting to feel cramped in their cot! You are thinking of offering them their first kids bed, but still hesitate... won't they be lost in this large space? Here you will find our selection of junior beds in intermediate sizes, which will help your child to cross the line gently and spend a pleasant night in their new kids room!

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Toddler bed: Is your baby growing up? Their bed too! Is your child running out of space in their baby cot? Let them grow up more comfortably in a junior mid-size kids bed! Too big for their baby cot, but too small for a teen bed... What about buying a mid-size kids bed? For the little ones, Alfred & Compagnie offers you to arrange your kids room with one of our junior beds. From 70 to 90 centimetres wide and 140 to 160 centimetres long, these beds are perfect for the transition from the baby cot to the larger kids bed. Design and sober for a decorative and contemporary room or as a cabin bed to stimulate the imagination and transform your room into a playground, everything your child needs to spend a good night is on Alfred et Compagnie. Small bed for children: A style adapted to each child! Discover our selection of Alfred & Compagnie junior beds! Models with a modern style and beautiful clean lines for a well-decorated kids room! Several sizes, several models, discover them without further delay! And for a playful room, let yourself be tempted by the cabin bed or by the Montessori bed.